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Home Page - chainsaw carvings and hand carvings

7 foot bear  chainsawcarving of a mother bear with fish and a bear  chainsawcarving of a alligator holding a  chainsawcarving of a gnome  chainsawcarving of a minature  chainsawcarving of a horse

  chainsawcarving of a dog sitting on a  chainsawcarving of a chainsawcarving of a dog fighting a hog and  chainsawcarving of a mother bear and her cub

  chainsawcarving of a  chainsawcarving of a turkey in a tree

 chainsaw quail dog pointing chainsaw quail dog pointing quail

Here is the chainsaw carving that I did at Ridgway, PA in February (2008). This chainsaw carving event hosted 200 people from 14 countries. Each chainsaw carver completed a competition piece and it was auctioned to pay for the event with the extra money going to the Appalachian Arts Education fund. chainsaw carving of an chainsaw carving of an chainsaw carving of an chainsaw carving of a bear cubMy latest chainsaw carving of an eagle swooping down and grabbing a fish and a small bear cub on a rock:

Welcome to my site.  You will see a variety of woodcarvings on this site.  One of the more unique mediums that I use is the cypress knee.  With these knees I can do Santas, spirits, mountain men and a variety of other subjects. I have really picked up speed doing chainsaw carvings and caricature carvings. I have put several carvings on this page but additional carvings can be found under the Gallery tab - select chainsaw & others. I am currently working on a Chainsaw carving bear bench. I also have several "welcome bears" in progress. I have included a Pyrography of my Son and his deer from this past year. The pyrography can be found in the middle of this page.

I recently completed a chainsaw Fireman Bear carving that I donated to the Tifton, Tift County Fire House #1. These fireman are a great group of people and I am proud to have my bear in their lobby. My son is also a fireman there and I could not be more proud of him. chainsaw three chainsaw chainsaw three chainsaw chainsaw three chainsaw chainsaw three chainsaw bears






Here is a picture of a project that I did with a great story to go along - A customer wanted me to chainsaw carve a 5' diameter oak tree that was a family heirloom.  The story goes that a share croper family living by the tree, treed a coon one night 60 years ago.  They went to the main house for permission to put steps on the tree to retrieve the coons.  The family wanted me to save the dying tree with a carving.  Alas, the tree was rotted and I could only save a few small sections of the tree.  In the picture is the "dad" and the "share croper", reunited after 60 years sitting on the bench that I was able to do for them. By the way, the step in the picture is the original, and was reattached by the "share croper", again!

customer sitting on bench





I also want to share a carving that I recently completed in the Lynn Doughty style of hand carving. It is not for sale but I thought you might like to see it. Lynn is a great western carver out of Oklahoma. You really need to see his work, it is awesome. I wanted to try to do a carving in his style and this is the result. It is a cowboy named Rattlesnake holding a branding iron, sipping a cup of java. carving Rattlesnake, a cowboy with a branding iron








I recently completed a chainsaw carving of a tractor for a customer. Here are a couple of pictures of the progress showing the steps involved in chainsaw carving the tractor.. chainsaw wheels for a chainsaw wheels for a chainsaw wheels for a chainsaw wheels for a chainsaw Right side of chainsaw Left side of tractor












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